MOPAR Timing Belt Replacement Service

The Role of the Timing Belt

A timing belt is to an engine like a conductor is to an orchestra; the timing belt makes sure that all of the parts in the engine move along with one another. A rubber belt that is located under a cover in front of the engine, the timing belt, synchronizes the movement of the camshaft with the movement of the crankshaft. Timing belts and timing chains, another term you may hear, are essentially the same thing. The main difference is that timing chains are constructed with metal chain links rather than rubber.

Time to Replace the Timing Belt

Manufacturers always mention the mileage at which a timing belt should be serviced in the owner's manuals of their vehicles. Worn parts such as timing belts and chains are hard to detect without actually inspecting the belts or chains. The most common thing that you should be on the lookout for, if you suspect that your timing belt needs to be changed, are ticking or rattling sounds coming from the engine. Timing belts can break quickly from the time that the problem has started, so it is crucial for you to bring your car in for repairs if you believe that your timing belt is wearing out.

A Broken Timing Belt

A timing belt should be replaced well before it begins to wear out. A timing belt can destroy a whole engine when it breaks. Parts in an engine move very rapidly, even when a car is at idle, and when the many moving parts become unsynchronized, they can hit one another, breaking several parts at once. Some models are constructed using an engine design known as an "interference engine". Timing belts are essential in these engines because they prevent parts from directly interfering with one another. Pistons, valves, and connecting rods are usually the first parts to get damaged once a timing belt breaks.

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Located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we have been servicing Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles for several decades. We want all of our customers to remain on the road without issues. Avoid far more expensive repairs by having us inspect your timing belt. We have well-trained and certified technicians on our staff who are experienced with diagnosing and repairing vehicle problems. Feel free to contact us or stop by if you have any questions or have a problem that you would like for us to inspect for you.

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